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11 September 2001

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A Love Story

Sometimes you work so hard to find nothing and then other times good fortune just falls in your lap out of a clear blue sky. This is an example of the latter.

Early in 1998, while cruising the Information Super Highway, I made a mistake and took a wrong turn. While attempting to update a software package that I hadn't used in months, I accidentally mistyped a URL and was immediately carried to a web site that I had never seen before. The site that I arrived at had a single letter different than the site I was trying to reach. Somehow, I ended up on the web page of Sandra Millan, a wonderful woman from Puerto Rico. I read every word on the page fifty times. As I read her story, I thought about how much I would like to meet her.

Yours truly is one of the shyest people on the planet. Sandra's email and ICQ addresses were on her page but I couldn't muster the strength to contact her. I added her to my ICQ contact list but didn't see her online for more than a month. Then one day, out of the blue, ICQ told me that she was online. I said to myself that it's now or never. I quickly began typing a message to her but before I could hit send, she was gone. A few days later, she was online again. This time I typed frantically to get the message out before she was offline. It went through. I thought she would think of me as a net predator or flake and probably not respond. A few seconds later I got a response that said, I have to go out but I'll get back to you later. Here began a meeting that completely changed my life.

We chatted over the Internet for hours every day. The more we talked, the more I was convinced that Sandra was a perfect woman. As luck would have it, I had planned a vacation in Puerto Rico for the end of April. We agreed to meet. When I arrived at the airport in San Juan, my heart was pounding with expectation. I didn't see her anywhere. Maybe she got lost. Perhaps she had changed her mind about meeting a near stranger from Maryland. All kinds of things went through my head. Then in a flash I saw her. I went right over to her and hugged her. It was the beginning of a relationship that will last forever. I fell in love immediately.

We travelled all over Puerto Rico together and talked and dined and had fun together. I had the most fun I have ever had in my life. In July, I asked her to come to Maryland. From there we went to North Carolina, Virginia Beach and Niagara Falls together. We met several times after that and soon Sandra and her son joined me in Maryland permanently.

I have a sixteen year old son and a seven year old daughter who were both thrilled about enlarging the family. Sandra has a sixteen year old son too. Both of the boys are computer game addicts so they couldn't wait to get together. Sandra's son, Jamie, is a computer wizard and is also a chess champion.

On April 26, 2000, exactly two years to the minute from the day that we first met face to face in San Juan Airport, Sandra and I were married in Annapolis, Maryland.

Until I met Sandra, I was very depressed. Now I am the happiest man on the planet. She really changed my life and I love her very much. I thank God for the mistyped URL that brought us together.

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